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The ingenious idea of revitalizing the modern-day diet with India’s indigenous super foods led to the establishment of Eternal Naturals in 2014. Derived from the country’s ancient cultures, these energizing organic super foods have been a great source of nutritional nourishment and medicinal benefits. They come packed with rich nutrients like protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fats and other important nutrients for holistic nutrition.

Most of the foods that have taken over the market currently are fast-growing and easy to cultivate. This has led to the neglect of most of the indigenous foods and their benefits being long forgotten or undiscovered.

Eternal Naturals wants to remind the world of the existence of ingenious super foods and make their wonderful benefits known to all. We at Eternal Naturals have gone the extra mile by sharing various benefits that integrate a healthy diet.

Eternal Naturals is a company that aims to offer a variety of indigenous Indian nutrient-dense super foods of India that will be beneficial to consumers who seek healthy eating options. These foods are wholesome and packed with essential nutrients like polyphenols, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals among others.

These organic natural super foods of India are obtained under the highest quality standards. They are sourced from well-known credible farmers to assure consumers of their high standards of quality.

Eternal Naturals anticipates that the advent of the healthy living revolution will bring more farmers on board to grow indigenous super foods of India. In doing this farmers can avoid the pressure that comes with the mass production of hybrids that drain nutrients from the soil.

Getting more people back to their indigenous roots by telling them about these indigenous super foods is the main aim of Eternal Naturals. We need more people to know that there are other healthier alternatives out there other than what regularly shows up on their tables.

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