I was among those who need few cups of caffeine every morning before transforming into human form. Alas, my dietician asked me to cut back on my coffee intake. And believe me I did try, but not having my daily dose of coffee turns me into an old grumpy cat with sharp claws. After getting repeated complaints from all and sundry about my temperament I finally relented to try out the alternative suggested by that monster dietician the ‘Green Coffee’ or the poor cousin as I like to call it. In starting few weeks I was ready to give up the green and get back to my beloved coffee, but surprisingly it gradually grew upon me. I started experiencing firsthand the benefits of Green Coffee Beans and today I swear by it.

Coorg is the main source of the world’s finest coffee beans of the robusta species. These coffee beans are sweet, floral and low in acidity because of tranquil natural conditions of Coorg. In fact, Coorg is known as ‘Coffee Cup of India’ and at eternal naturals, we source our green coffee from the finest farms of the exotic Coorg.

Green coffee is the best natural weight management substance, it contains chlorogenic acid which slows the release of glucose in the body and thereby promotes weight loss. Human studies show that chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract and lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes.It also helps in controlling craving for junk food and overeating. Green coffee bean is full of antioxidants that control damages caused by free radicals at the cellular level, and just two spoons full a day can help obviate all the worries of exercising and dieting. Green coffee Bean is also a natural detoxifier as it contains many enzymes which form bonds with carcinogens and other harmful agents and flush them out of the body.

All coffee beans are naturally green, but they are usually roasted before being sold to the consumers. This is the process that turns them brown, and it loses many of its benefiting components while getting roasted. Also, the important thing to note is, that green coffee does contain caffeine and if you are allergic or otherwise advised not to consume caffeine, do consult your doctor.

Drinking Green coffee Bean is the only way you can eat your cake and keep it too. So say goodbye to yellow teeth, weight loss issues or grumpy mornings with just a cup of green coffee every morning.

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