Jackfruit Seeds – Master of All Seeds

by Eternal Naturals
June 12, 2017

Some wise old person said jack of all, master of none. As a sensible person, I do understand that everything has its limitations. And one medicine cannot be applied to all ailments. However, there is this fruit which is touted as the miracle food that seems to literally do it all. Known to have been originated from India, it is the largest fruit which grows on trees and can weigh up to 100 pounds. And just like its huge size jackfruit comes with huge benefits.

Many articles, blogs, and websites are dedicated to explaining benefits of jackfruit, after all, it is the only fruit to have its own international symposium.
And that is why we are going to talk about the lesser known and used part of jackfruit – Its seeds. Apart from the flesh, the jackfruit seed is also known as Kathal ke Beej are edible and highly nutritious. The seeds can be roasted, boiled or turned into flour. You can consume the seeds in any way that you like and feel the amazing benefits first hand.

Makes your skin and hair shine
Move over Dove and L’oreal, Jackfruit seeds are in town. These seeds are a good source of thiamin and riboflavin which keeps eyes and skin healthy. The vitamin A and high fibre content of seeds prevent constipation and acts as a detoxifier. Consequently giving you a glowing complexion and healthy voluminous hairs.

Reduces Wrinkles
The slurry produced by grinding jackfruit seeds with milk if applied to the skin regularly acts as an anti-wrinkling agent and makes your skin look younger. The other benefit of applying the paste on the face is that it gives blemish free skin.

Reduces chances of Anaemia
Jackfruit seeds are an excellent source of Iron. This helps in increasing the red blood count and reduces chances of a blood disorder called anemia.

Regularizes Digestion
Healthy digestion is essential for all-around well being of human body. Jackfruit seeds are a rich source of minerals like Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, and Manganese. All these minerals reduce uneasiness caused by indigestion and constipation.

Manages Mental Stress
Stress levels of most people are increasing due to our fast paced lifestyle. It is very important to manage the increasing stress level or it could result in burnout or mental breakdown. The high proteins and other micronutrients contained in jackfruit seeds help reducing mental stress.

Fights Cancer
Jackfruit seeds have lots of phytonutrients like lignans, isoflavone, and saponin. Jackfruit seeds are most noteworthy as they help in fighting cancer.