When someone says feast fit for a king, I always picture hundreds of rich delicacies and culinary miracles. Well, I did not know much about exotic cuisines during my quest for healthy organic foods. It was then that I came across a type of vinegar made from a tropical fruit – Garcinia Cambogia. This is especially relevant because it was literally a king’s favourite. The Maharaja of Mysore was apparently very fond of Garcinia vinegar or Kachampuli. And, he had issued orders to the local headman to collect the ripe fruits of Garcinia and prepare the vinegar from it.

The fruits of Garcinia are abundantly available in the pristine jungles of Coorg and Kerela during monsoon. Instead of drying, the fruits are placed in baskets until the pulp breaks down and the dripping juice is collected in clay pots. It is then cooked over a low flame until it turns dark brown. This turns syrupy juice into vinegar that improves with age.

Garcinia Vinegar or Kachampuli is also known as Kadam Puli or brindle berry. It is a very potent and concentrated souring agent with very long shelf life. It is extensively used to flavour many dishes from pandi curry to chicken fry. In fact, Garcinia is an indispensable ingredient in many Coorg dishes. The sour and tangy flavor of Garcinia adds lightness to the food that would otherwise be heavy or bland.

Hydroxy citric acid commonly known as HCA is a key component of Garcinia helps in weight reduction. The HCA lowers the appetite so that you feel satiated after small meals. And, at the same time it diminishes conversion of glucose into fats. HCA boosts metabolic rate, thereby burning visceral fats in the muscles and other body tissues. It is also known to save the liver from Lipid Peroxidation.

Now that you know the health and taste benefits of Kachampuli start shaping a healthier and fitter you.

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