Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Eternal Naturals consider privacy protections as very important. It is important for you to understand how we collect, use and safeguard the private information you share with us on our site.
I. Information Collected

We collect product orders, shipping and billing information so that we can process your online receipt as we do our own accounting. This information is also used for planning inventory and product promotions that match the needs of our customers.
II. Confidentiality

The information that our customers give us is kept confidential. We do not sell or share this information with anyone outside Eternal Naturals (whether affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, individuals or organizations working on our behalf).
III. Customer Inquiries

You privacy is crucial for us. If you have any questions, enquiries or information that you would like to share with us, then you can email us on [email protected] and you will receive a quick response.
IV. Safety of Credit Card information

The privacy of your credit card information is vital for us. We apply the use of The Secure sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your credit card information during its transmission. This technology is internet encryption technology’s gold standard. This means that it uses a complex method of jumbling up data as it transmits from your computer to our web servers.
Our servers do not store your credit card number, expiry date or CVV2/CID number. Your credit card information passes through the SSL layer to our card transaction processor. The site is protected by dense firewalls and security systems operated by cyber security experts.
To facilitate easy enquiry, we only store your credit card’s last four digits and the type of card you have used. This is helpful in determining the type of credit card a customer used for a transaction without interfering with the safety of their credit card information.

Note: In case your credit or debit card has been tampered with, then your card provider should be notified as soon as possible as per the initial agreement.