Green Coffee Beans

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This antioxidant-rich super food is derived from Coorg’s (Kodagu) handpicked young, unroasted coffee beans of the Arabica variety. For centuries, green coffee beans have been used as energy boosters with most users attesting to their ability to enhance metabolism and digestion. Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) is a potent antioxidant found in raw green coffee.

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Green coffee in its raw form is a natural source of crucial antioxidants like Chlorogenic Acid and other nutrients that boost metabolism. Green coffee powder comes from raw coffee beans that have been processed in low temperatures for the preservation of the vital nutrients. The amount of caffeine in a serving of green coffee is the same as that contained in a similar serving of green tea.

The Green Coffee Powder comes from organically grown Arabica coffee beans from Coorg (Kodagu). Eternal Naturals’ partners select the highest quality of young coffee beans after which they are processed in very low temperatures to preserve the nutrients and antioxidants. This powder is a whole-food version without any binders, excipients and fillers.

The roasting of coffee beans greatly compromises its nutrient composition. Eternal Naturals has ensured that its green coffee remains nutrient-rich with the necessary processing of the coffee being done at very low temperatures to preserve the nutritional integrity of the coffee. This green coffee powder contains Chlorogenic Acid and other powerful antioxidants as well as excellent fiber. It also contains high amounts of energy with its caffeine content similar to that of an equal serving of green tea.

For centuries, green coffee has been used for boosting energy and enhancing metabolism and proper digestion. Weight management programs integrate green coffee due to its abilities to boost metabolism. The dietary fiber in green coffee helps to keep you feeling full for a longer period. Eternal Natural’s Green coffee is a more wholesome version of green coffee.

Most of the coffee aroma and flavor is as a result of roasting and that is why this green coffee’s flavor is very mild. Its nutritional integrity has been carefully preserved during processing. The powder is mainly added to smoothies, desserts and beverages like chocolate.

Local Names

  • Green Coffee
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