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The protein-rich jackfruit seeds are very nutritious. In the states of South India, once a jackfruit ripens, the seeds are gathered, dried in the sun and stored for use in the rainy season. The people of Southern India use jackfruit seeds in various recipes where they are used in place of lentils, or eaten as a snack upon roasting.

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The nutritional benefits of jackfruit seeds have often been overlooked. In fact, most of us are clueless that they have a high protein content. Eternal Naturals seeks to make the nutritional benefits of the jackfruit known.

The rain forests of Southwestern India are believed to be the native origin of the jackfruit. Most of the tropical regions of India, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia intensely cultivate the jackfruit for wood, seed and fruits.
The outer surface of the jackfruit is rugged with blunt projections. The fruit softens as it ripens. The inside of the fruit has edible bulbs that are yellowish-orange in color. Every bulb has a sweet sheath that encapsulates a smooth light-brown oval seed.

Eating the seeds of a jackfruit provides you with good protein, fiber content, essential carbs and vitamins A, B and C. You will also be supplied with minerals like calcium, zinc and phosphorus from the jackfruit seeds. The high fiber content in the seeds keeps away constipation. Jackfruit seeds also help in flushing away toxins from your system and promoting healthy skin.

One of the primary nutritional benefits of jackfruit seeds is the content of phytonutrients like saponins, lignans,isoflavones as well as antioxidants that help in cancer prevention. Phytonutrients may not be as vital as minerals and vitamins but they provide other health benefits. These phytonutrients can be helpful in keeping cancer, aging and hypertension at bay. The iron content in jackfruit seeds can be helpful for people suffering from anemia. Vitamin A in jackfruit seeds is good for healthy hair. Roasted jackfruit seeds can also be used as an aphrodisiac.

Jackfruit seeds in powdered form are good for people experiencing indigestion and constipation. They are also considered beneficial for healthy hair and skin.

Local Names

  • Jackfruit seeds
  • Kathal
  • Halasu
  • Chakka
  • Fanas


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