What really are healthy foods ?

by Eternal Naturals
February 17, 2017

The big health revolution is here and we are hardly aware of what it actually entails.

It’s all a bit confusing when products that we believed to have been healthy 10 years ago are suddenly announced as a by product and a marketing campaign.

When we were growing up ‘soy’ was the health food of the decade!

The times magazine has now stated that is carbs that are actually bad for your body whilst a good amount of fat is actually beneficial!

Anyway, the health food revolution will take a few years to stabilize and a few more years for us to actually know for sure if the super foods pf today remain super food of tomorrow.

I try not to be bogged down by the many diets and theories floating in the market.
I feel that if you observe closely and keenly your body itself will communicate. Eat right and your body automatically rises to the occasion – eat wrong and you can feel your body being bogged down.

Eating can be a spiritual experience – try it!